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Welcome to

We build high efficiency modular homes and buildings that can be delivered anywhere in Canada!

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2022 Construction Yukon

Modular Home & Building Line Up

Our Line up -

The Yukon Homesteader 2020 TMThe Yukon Homesteader 2020 TMThe Yukon Homesteader TM Mobile

Our pre fab homes push the limits of modular, adding to the ethics of our Canadian Master Craftsmanship and the secrets of building durability in the Canadian Environment!  We Canucks have extremes of; cold, hot, wind, rain, sleet, and snow! builds for endurance of the building envelope in mind for all of them!

The Yukon Prospector TM Mobile Home

This is a more business suited model built with a commercial level of durability with the thought of high traffic and use in mind, slightly heavier weight then the Homesteader, it can come set up and ready to go as a portable; office, lab and work station out fitted for the most high end field technologies.

The Yukon Custom TM Modern Mobile Building

Take your choice of; living, business, science and trade combinations and have those choices build in to your high efficiency off grid portable home or office while looking very good and modern to your; friends, family, partners or investors. we will have it built to high north standards ready for shipping any where in the world.

Welcome to the website! I am  the designer and architect and lead builder.  

My first home was a modular home.   Today with hundreds of homes and renovations I have success all over Canada! With the drive for efficient living to safe the Earth -  modular homes and offices are great choices for afford-ability, efficiency and mobility.

Benefits of mobile homes and modular buildings

  • Cost effective due to efficiency

  • Have low carbon foot print

  • Low over all property size requirement

  • Are semi permanent and easily movable

  • Easily maintained over time

  • Affordable for everyone

  • Easily customized for unique business and living needs

  • Can be designed and built delivered any where in a reasonable amount of time

  • Can be totally off the grid with our boldness for modern usable technology

Call today for the worlds best building construction where ever you are in Canada 1-888-432-4888